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Welcome to Tug N Hug Pet Harness, LLC.

My website is devoted to Safe and Humane No Pull Cat & Dog Harness; The Easy On/Off No Pull Harness, The Tuff N Huff No Pull Harness for Dogs and Cats. The Guard Dog No Pull Harness, Dog Medical Harness and 2 Types of Water Harnesses. Pet Accessories; 2 Types of Leashes and 2 Types of 2 Dog Leashes, 2 Types of Auto Safety Lines, and matching Dog Collars. The pet products I make are great for dog training with an easy method of control for you and your dog problems.

Are you tired of trying to take your pet out for a walk; when you get back home you are totally frustrated, exhausted, every muscle in your arms and back are aching from trying to keep your pet under control? So you end up...giving up...your pet is now in the back yard. Let me help you to get your life back! These harnesses are designed for those types of pets.

All products that I sell, ‘Online or at Shows / Events’, are;
1. My Designs.
2. All Products made by, ‘Linda Knight’. 
3. Made in USA, a Home Based Business.  
4. Sewn to be durable and long lasting.

The (Patented) No Pull Pet Harness is my number one, ‘Pride and Joy’, compared to all my other designs.  Each harness offers an effective, humane, method of control for all types of pets. 
1. No Pain. 
2. No Chaffing. 
3. Comfortable Fit.

Over the last 4 years, Show / Events, has given me the perfect opportunity to observe thousands of the different body types of dogs and animals ranging from Small to XX Large.  I was able to make insightful observations; I had some ideas for a few improvements on the design. I needed to have that ‘See and Feel’ observation with the current harness design. Then the new ideas implemented into harness design and view how those improvements helped with the design;  

1. How the harness fits on the Dogs and Other Pets; 
a. Pets in motion using the harness. 
b. Harness position on body of pet.  
2. How well did the harness work on the ‘Body’ of pets.    
3. How the pets respond to the ‘Action’ of the harness. 
4. How pet Owners respond to ‘Ease’ of use. 
5. How pet Owners responded to ‘Fitting’ the harness on each animal. 
6. Observe each pet owners level of ‘Confidence’
a. Before, when using their own pet product. 
b. After, using Tug N Hug Harness.

Although this process took years to work into the design. WOW! I look back at my original design and now with the improved designs…Great Improvements!  ‘Thank You’, to everyone who stopped by to purchased my products. Your pets and your suggestions helped me to improve the No Pull Harness design into the ‘Best Design’ on the market.

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The Tug N Hug Pet Harness Company is all about Pets;

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